Why Start Selling Your Product With DoorDash

Online delivery has secured a place in our lives as the pandemic started. Even though restaurants and shops are open now, we are not ready to give up enjoying our favourite food and drinks right on our couches. Selling your products through DoorDash can definitely become a new round in your business’ development and bring you new clients.

There are different types of involvement with DoorDash, so you are free to choose how committed you want to be to each other. 


If your business is already accepting delivery orders through a website, DoorDash Storefront allows you to create a website for pickup and delivery through their system. So, each time a customer places an order on your website, DoorDash handles the rest. Simple and straightforward – and no commission fee!

DoorDash Drive

In this case, you use your website and phone to receive and prepare orders, and the Dasher delivers them. 


Marketplace has the whole marketing, ordering, and delivering process in one place. In this case, you are selling your products with the app, and pay a monthly fee to keep it going. There is a commission fee for every order, but that can be adjusted to meet your needs.

DoorDash pros

Marketing. DoorDash promotes your restaurant through the app. Your business can be the first one the customer sees – and chooses.

Delivery. DoorDash handles the journey of your product after it leaves your walls. All you have to worry about is making your product ready-to-go. However, if you already have stuff responsible for delivery, you can use DoorDash exposure and keep them employed. In this case, you will get the word out about your business and avoid commission fees. 

Online ordering. Phone ordering is in the past. The DoorDash program allows you to receive orders virtually.

Customer service. DoorDash support is available 24/7

DoorDash cons

  1. There are different state regulations of commission caps for restaurants
  2. It takes some of the marketing control from you
  3. You have to rely on third-party delivery for service – and yes, it can be stressful


They depend on how involved you want to become with DoorDash. Feel free to review their partnership plans and choose the right fit.

Feels like a lot?

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