Shopify Inbox: How Does it Work and Why do You Need It

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When a customer visits your online store and has a question about a product, payment, or delivery, you probably want it answered right away. Shopify is well-aware of that.

That’s why they released Shopify Inbox – an app which helps you interact with customers in real time.

Shopify inbox is a chat box you can install to any Shopify website as an app. With that, you can chat with your customers, receive pings when you have questions, and send them automated messages when you are not around. You also pre-record commonly asked questions, such as “Do you offer shipping?”, “What are your hours?” and “Where to find my package tracking code?”. 

It is free, easy to install and manage, and it offers product sharing and discount codes. You can centralize every aspect of your life chats working from the Shopify dashboard and even your email Inbox. You can also install integrations, allowing messages to come from Facebook Messenger, SMS messages, or Twitter.

We at Hope Media House have been in ecommerce for a while, so we know what questions customers tend to have most often. We can help you get your automatic answers together, so nothing will be left unanswered.

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