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Hope Media House’s app development experience goes back to the very first iterations of mobile apps in 2010.

Helping small businesses achieve the opportunities a Custom Mobile App can provide.
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Benefits of a Custom App


Intelligent Communication

The Discovery process begins with an idea. It can be as simple as a drawing on a napkin, or a complex vision of how you wish your business could operate.

Next, our team will work closely with stakeholders to intimately understand your business requirements, investigate the possibilities, create a project scope and recognize potential challenges.


Customer Value

Creating a shared vision of your program through a variety of User Stories. Working with your team, we will outline all potential use-cases and ensure your needs are being met by our design.

We will then provide interactive wire-frame drafts providing a real look and feel for your program and simulating the experience of the program.


Customer Information

The development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the next stop in our Development Methodology. Creating the most basic version of your vision allows both our team and yours to ensure we are on the correct development path.

Additional required features are identified, while redundancies and inefficiencies are removed for a streamlined Iterative Development stage.


Leading Edge Technology

Developing your program in rapidly released phases allows for a higher level of adaptability to your needs while providing flexibility in development based on feedback from stakeholders.

This development methodology also provides an opportunity for regular demonstrable product releases for your team to access.

Ultimately, this gives you a window into the development process, as opposed to a 'wait-and-see' approach.


Improved Brand Awareness

Your program is put through a gauntlet of testing experiences, ensuring it is capable of doing not only what it is meant to do, but can do so under a wide-variety of use cases.

We also ensure your program is fully integrated with any external programs you are already using.


Simplified Internal Toolset

The final stage of our Product Development is setting your product out into the world. We set a full product launch schedule to work with your business' schedule for a seamless introduction. Our team will provide yours with a complete guide to the program and provide any necessary training.

Lastly, we stand behind our development, providing 6 months of maintenance and monitoring at no additional cost.

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