How to Create Shoppable Instagram Posts Using Shopify

You probably remember how in late 2020, Instagram replaced the “Activity” tab with the “Shop” tab. That’s how a purely social platform became more business-friendly. Today, this feature helps clients shop products without leaving Instagram.

And it is quite successful in it. In 2019, a Facebook study showed that 54% of respondents purchased items shortly after seeing them on Instagram.

In 2020, the HootSuite report revealed that 36.2% of business-to-business decision makers use Instagram to look for new products and services.

How do shoppable posts work?

They are marked with a clickable shopping bag icon with a “View Products” call-to-action. After clicking it, a user can see the product information. For a user, it is a smooth shopping experience. For you, it is an opportunity to promote your products without seeming too pushy.

How to create shoppable posts on Instagram

  • Be located in Canada, United States, or one of these markets.
  • Have an Instagram business or creator account
  • Sell physical products that comply with Instagram merchant agreement and commerce policies
  • Have your Instagram account connected to a Facebook Business Page
  • Have the Facebook sales channel installed on your Shopify store. This channel is included in all Shopify paid plans and creates a Shop tab on your Facebook page
  1. Go to Shopify admin, click Settings, and then Apps and sales channels 
  2. Click Facebook
  3. Click Open sales channel, and then Overview
  4. In the Instagram Shopping section, click Set up to start
  5. Connect the required Facebook accounts
  6. Review and accept the terms and conditions, then click Request approval
  7. Wait up to 48 hours for Facebook to review your products



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