Stand out From the Crowd: 5 Tips on How to Attract More Clients to Your Shopify Store

Shopify stores have proved to be a convenient selling platform for both sellers and buyers. Over 50% of shops see a client purchase twice or more from their store. However, it can be challenging to attract new customers, especially if the market is competitive. 

How to get more shoppers to your Shopify store:

1. Diversify

To attract customers, it might be beneficial to offer them what they need before they know they need it. If you are selling liquor products (like our friends Fraser Commons Liquor Co.), consider offering equipment for home bars, such as shakers or bar spoons. Ask yourself: if I was shopping for an item I am selling, what additional item I might need? Researching what your competitors offer might help, too


2. Market using socials

Facebook currently has over 2.89 billion monthly active users. 70% of them are a big-spending audience. Facebook and Instagram users are a big potential market, and they are just a publication away. Just remember to keep your posts short, sweet, and attention-grabbing. Try out shoppable posts, too! Find out how to create them here

3. Try email marketing

It may sound old-fashioned, we know, but it can be more profitable than you imagine to stay in touch with your customers. It is an effective way to reach any number of your clients anytime. A good way of creating a database is to ask clients directly to give you their email addresses. Once you have that, try using Mailchimp – it is a user-friendly tool for creating and sending out emails, and reviewing your audience statistics.

4. Optimize your store for mobile users

Many people scroll through online stores on the go. In fact, nearly three of every four dollars spent on online shopping are spent through a mobile device. So, why not take advantage of that? Shopify allows you to make your store as mobile-accessible and user-friendly as possible. 

5. Optimize your store for serch engines

To make sure your clients find you, add relevant keywords to your products or collections. This way, search engines like Google and Bing will place your store on top of your client’s search results.

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