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Friday Health is a Female Founded Multi-Disciplinary Clinic located in the medical belt of Vancouver, British Columbia

We designed and developed a website for Friday Health, allowing them to show off their wide portfolio of services.

 The result is a website that not only reflects the essence of the clinic but also empowers them to connect with individuals seeking natural health solutions.

Our primary goal when partnering with Friday Health, the naturopathic clinic in Vancouver, was to provide them with a platform to showcase their extensive portfolio of health and wellness services. To achieve this, our team implemented a strategic approach to web design and development.

Firstly, we conducted an in-depth analysis of Friday Health’s services to gain a comprehensive understanding of their offerings. We then organized this diverse portfolio into a clear and intuitive navigation structure on the website. By creating dedicated service pages, we ensured that each service received the attention it deserved.

In addition to the services portfolio, we recognized the importance of showcasing the expertise and individuality of Friday Health’s practitioners. To achieve this, we created dedicated pages for each practitioner, highlighting their qualifications, specialties, and patient-centric approach.

To ensure a seamless and efficient experience for Friday Health’s patients, we carefully integrated their booking system directly into the website. This allowed visitors to easily schedule appointments with the clinic’s practitioners online, eliminating the need for phone calls or emails. 

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