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Denise Elliott Beauty Co.


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Denise Elliott Beauty Co. is an award-winning makeup and hair studio providing professional styling and makeup lessons.

We created a Face Chart app that allows Makeup Artists to create the ‘look’ they applied to a customer complete with application instructions and tips, and links to the Denise Elliott Beauty Co. online store.

Client Needs

Each client is provided a Face Chart document that includes instructions and products used for each make-up application. The problem was this was done by hand, increasing working hours and could be easily lost by the client.

HMH Solution

We developed a mobile application for the Face Chart for the artist to fill out quickly and easily while the application is underway. We also connected the products used with the Denise Elliott Beauty Co. Online Store, for clients to purchase more simply. Once the application is complete, the Face Chart is emailed to the client.


Discovery & Design

First, we discovered how the makeup application and make up lessons at Denise Elliott Beauty Co. are provided and how the existing Face Chart is filled out by staff.

As the app is intended to be used as a learning tool for the client, we needed to have it easy to navigate for the makeup artist to multi-task.

It was here that we determined the app design should be focused towards tablet use as this is much easier for artists to use and display to the client.



The application was developed in React Native and required multiple integrations. 

First was the integration with Shopify, which hosts their online store. The Shopify API allows the staff to directly search and select the products available online and add them to the Face Chart app.

Additional integrations included photo and camera access.


UX Refinement

After confirming the Face Chart App was functioning for staff, we began the process of improving the look and feel of the program.

Additions of colour, images and inclusion of Denise Elliott’s brand guidelines made the program truly theirs. 

We upgraded the navigation within the app at this time, creating a slider navigation bar for easy to find makeup categories.



Product Launch

The Denise Elliott Beauty Co. Face Chart App is now a regular component for all Makeup Lessons and provides increased online sales as clients can easily refer to the products used in their lesson.

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