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E-Commerce Development


Shopify / Magento 2



Legends Haul is an online grocery store and delivery service located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. With thousands of products and hundreds of deliveries daily, Legends Haul needs their online store to be constantly operating.

We assisted with their day-to-day online operations, ensuring the health and functionality of the platform. Additional projects included optimizing the product catalog, payment processing upgrades and technical audits.

Particular areas of custom development included: 

  • Completed Order Editing – Allowing for customer’s to edit their orders after purchase.
  • Order Subscription – Allowing for customers to automatically have products purchased on regular intervals.
  • Loyalty Point Program Redesign – Creating a more eye-catching and bolder point system for customers.
  • Catalog Redesign – Creating an endless scroll to simulate the feeling of browsing the aisles in a grocery store, rather than clicking to new sections.
  • Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations – Processing of payments through different payment gateways, dependent on the products purchased.
Other Areas of Service: 
  • Migration of Legends Haul from Magento 2 to Shopify + platform
    • Order History
    • Customer History
    • Inventory Management
    • Payment Gateway

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