10 Big Brands that Use Shopify and 5 Reasons Why

There is an opinion that Shopify is a great e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized businesses. This is true. However, many big brands haven’t hesitated to use Shopify, too. 

Here are 10 popular brands that use Shopify:

  1. Kylie Cosmetics

2. Skims

3. Sephora

4. Victoria Beckham Beauty

5. Gymshark

6. Red Bull

7. Pepsi Co

8. Whole Foods Market

9. Penguin Books

10. Tesla

What makes business giants like Tesla choose Shopify as their e-commerce platform?

1. Shopify is easy to manage

Big stores like Kylie Cosmetics or Penguin Books receive tons of traffic every day from many different channels. So, they need a platform that can handle the traffic and be very user-friendly. Shopify has both these qualities. It easily integrates with every sales channel and has a simple inventory management system.

2. Shopify is ready to grow

Shopify offers converting themes which make managing increasing traffic and sales very easy. Some of them are specifically designed for selling internationally, too. Many premium ones have geo-location automatization for the international buyers, site’s language translation, and currency conversion.

3. Shopify offers multiple payment gateways

For many customers, especially overseas ones, the availability of different payment channels is  a very attractive feature. One of the common reasons for abandoning a store is a lack of trusting payment channels. So, being able to offer a trustworthy way of paying for every client is a significant advantage.


4. Shopify stores are easy to optimize for mobile use

Mobile optimization is a must-have nowadays. Three out of four consumers shop via mobile devices because it saves time. Shopify allows you to make your mobile users’ experience as smooth as possible. Find out more here!

5. Shopify has a user-friendly site structure

Web variant or online variant, Shopify puts users’ experience above everything else. And if the user experience is great, the visitors are more likely to turn into customers.

Ready to create your own Shopify store?

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