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Easyrigs distribute the weight of your camera throughout your body via the vest and harness. This allows you to hold your camera longer and steadier.

We built Easyrig Canada’s online store on their Odoo platform, creating an easily navigable and simple interface for shoppers. To help them stand out in the competitive Easyrig systems industry, we carefully created and implemented an SEO plan.

Our aim was to craft a seamless and intuitive shopping experience for customers visiting Easyrig Canada’s online store. We organized product categories and listings with clarity, ensuring that users could easily locate and explore the full range of Easyrig systems. 

In addition to optimizing the shopping experience, we recognized the importance of a robust SEO strategy to help Easyrig Canada gain visibility in the competitive industry landscape. We carefully created and implemented an SEO plan that included keyword research, on-page optimization, and ongoing content updates. This strategy was designed to enhance Easyrig Canada’s online presence, drive organic traffic, and ultimately boost their rankings in search engine results.

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